Aroma Aloha

We greet with words, we greet with visuals, but we also greet with smells. That is why people love to wear fragrance to make personal statements. Although subtle, it doesn’t mean that scent is not powerful.

And there is such thing as the smell of love. According to a study published in Psychology Today, while men place the highest importance on how physically attractive a woman is, women ranked a man’s scent as the most important feature for determining whether she would be sexually interested in him.

So listen up, female consumers (think of how men are prompt to calendar girls) can be very vulnerable in the faculty of olfactory and this field is underrated! Although more and more shopping malls and hotels are filling up their space with sweet floral fragrance, that’s about the extend of how scent is now used in communicating a brand.

Don’t overlook the many smells we come by every day, it could be crucial clues to the near future of Scent Marketing.